Sunday, October 02, 2005

Official Cast-On


So, now that it's looking the way I want this blog to look, I can start telling people about it. Which is good because someone at SNB today was asking about it. So here it is. I still want to make the text boxes bigger, but I've settled on the background image, the left alignment of the side bar, the links on the side bar (anyone have any other ideas of what links should be on the side bar?) and all the other stuff. The only thing to work on now is the content!

Today was the Knit Out 2005 in New York at Union Square. I have to say it was pretty intense. I told Ruth, but I seriously think that some of the older women sharpened their elbows to stab at me with. Especially at the Clover table while they were giving away needles. I feel like for all the pushing and shoving that I had to endure to get to the front, I should have at least gotten a pair of needles. It's so interesting to me that there's such a stereotype of knitters that they're cute innocent little grandmothers...but then there's a Knit Out and they become elbowing, pushing machines. Oh well. I got some really interesting patterns, and an issue of Vogue knitting from last year that might still come in handy for a couple more projects that I would like to do. Tessier helped me out with a huge iPod problem, and I told him that for payment for the two hours of his life that I absorbed, I would knit him a hat. I finally found a wicked cool pattern that is Tessier worthy in one of the bags I managed to gather. So that shall be started eventually. Really, the only good that came out of that whole Knit Out was that I got a couple of patterns. I don't really think it was worth going.

It was worth hanging out at the crafts/hobbies table in Barnes and Noble before and after though. There were tons of cool knitters, and silly knitters. Gregarious knitters. Knitters that couldn't tell me exactly how to put those slippers together for my mother that were last year's Christmas present, but knitters that would tell me where I could go to get the finishing instructions! :-D So I'm excited about the prospects of being added to the Knitlist so I can see if anyone else had the same problem with the project I did, and if they have any innovative solutions.

Well, I hear that surprise gift calling me to continue it. I made quite a bit of headway on it last night. I've got about two rows, a ton of ends to weave in and a few finishing touches. I knitted while I chatted with my grandfather on instant messenger. It was cute. He kept giving me encouragement and chiding me for knitting and talking to him on a Saturday night. But really, let's face it, knitting, chatting online, and listening to hot music is the best way anyone could think of to pass a Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

just an aside. it is impossible to read the right side of the page i love the knitting that you are showing but the color print makes it unreadable:-(
thanks Karola
other than that i love your blog already! sorry about your knit out "stress" but the knitting should help:-) karola

An said...

I agree, I had to strain a little to read the text on the left. But otherwise the blog is great. Love the knitted background.
Sorry, you didn't have a good time at knit out. I really wanted to go but I had to work at the last minute. I hate clover needles anyway! :-)

PassionKNITly said...

I'm completely confused about this. I wrote to blogger to have them help me. the sidebar shows up with a green background on the preview when I look at it in Internet Explorer, and it shows up fine on safari (my personal webbrowser of choice) and also in mozilla. I think it's an IE glitch, but i'm not sure how to rectify it at all.

Julie said...

I'm using Firefox and it looks fine.

Found you through the NYC SnB list - hope you don't mind if I link you!

PassionKNITly said...

I honestly think that sidebar issue is an IE issue...i really want blogger help to get back to me on that...

Yes! Link and rock on!

I have many questions for you fellow blogger - where did you get those nifty thingeys that tell people how far along you are on the project you're working on...i feel they are a MUST.

Oh, and FYI, you can find sporks at Popeye's restaurants.

Julie said...

Yay, sporks! :)

I got my WIP chart from Illanna over at Knit Powers to Peace . She's the one who originally came up with the coding and the graphic. Shoot her an email and ask her about it, I'm sure she'd let you use it as well!