Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Labeling Status

Yeah, I like the way I come up with the names for my posts. It accurately describes what's in the post, by making a phrase that has nothing to do with my post at all!

I got my Charmwoven Labels in the mail today. They are a little less woven than I had expected. As you can see below, my name is actually just painted on them. I'm kind of disappointed with this, but like them other than that minor detail. I'll still use the 20 I have.

I don't think I'll use a ton of them, but whatever. They'll last for a while then. After I figure out how to affix one to the SURPRISE!!! (which could require me yoinking 101 Essential Tips: Basic Sewing from work - since I have no idea how I would even start sewing it on. They look pretty though, right?

So that, and I kept going with the Over the Knee Stockings. You can see where we (the sock and I - for we are currently separate, yet the same) are right now. I haven't even gotten past the thigh yet, but I just did the second decrease (four more left to go because I'm totally fudging the pattern)! Oh man, I still need to make a Hero John song. I should have it ready for when he comes back. He's going to be on that knitting show on the DIY channel. I think it's called Knitty Gritty. Check it out if you get that channel. I don't even have basic cable, so I'll rely on your reactions to it.
So anyway, here's the status shot of the day:

It's not the greatest shot, but whatever, you can kind of see the idea of it.
Also, I took a detailed shot of the lace, in case anyone was curious. Not completely my first experience with YOs, this is definitely my first experience with lace. It's fun, and I can see why people make lace shawls and stuff. I don't know if it's really for me though.

This is not an add for clover stitch markers, I swear! I just noticed while looking at the full sized version that the light was hitting the stitch marker in just the right way for the relief on the stitch marker to show spelling out Clover, quite proudly. Regardless, you can kind of tell where this is going right? They're going to be gorgeous. And I'm pretty sure that the merino wool, once it's stretched out will show the lace pattern quite effectively. I'm still looking for the perfect skirt and shoes to go with these though....

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MUD said...

Those are looking like some sexy knee highs...I'm bummed about your Charmwoven labels, b/c I ordered some too and now I get to be disappointed. Boo hoo. Oh well. Maybe we can find another source soon.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Alpaca Sex...see you next week, hope SnB is fun tonight!