Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New additions to the FO list

So I finished the newsboy...I might post a picture when the recipient has actually worn it, but I couldn't get a good enough picture tonight. Not every post has to have pictures! I have some Cascade Quattro still left over, so I might make her some matching wristlets or something. I thought that might be hip and cute or something.

Michelle and I got together this evening to wind some of the yarn I got from Brooks Farm at Rhinebeck into a ball. There was 500 yards of it, so this was quite a daunting task. The issue was that when I had attempted to wind it myself, it became quite tangled and mangled. It took us more than an hour to untangle it and turn it into something that resembles a ball. It was quite the project and I definitely owe her help with her 1200 yards of mohair. I'm so excited to use it though! I think I'm just going to make up my own little shawl pattern that turns into a triangle as I knit it. I'll start from the point and work my way up so that the hypotenuse is the working edge. Maybe I'll trim it with something cool. I have no idea yet.

I'm going to start on the Over the Knee Socks from Melanie Falick's Handknit Holidays tomorrow at SNB, or during lunch depending on how my day's going. :D

I'll be using Aurora 4 in color 1354 (it's a smooth beige shell color) and size 2 needles to get the 7 stitch per inch gauge. My grandmother would have loved the color now that I'm thinking of it. I'm really excited about making these!! The top ribbed part will be knitted with a bit of stretchy clear elastic so that they'll stay up and tight.


Betsy said...

ha, you said hypoteneuse in your post! that's precious.
also, i loveh how i've got you all paranoid about posting photos. That's right, you apologize for the lack of photos! ha, j/k.

PassionKNITly said...

ha, you said hypoteneuse in your post! that's precious.

I knew you'd say something about that...

I aim to please....