Thursday, October 13, 2005

The healing power of Knitting

I had the most horrible day yesterday. After it was all done, I came home to realize that my kitchen ceiling was coming apart and water was dripping down. So i showered. And I cried. A lot. This did not make me feel better. This gave me a headache. But I wasn't getting the feeling that my usual Tea and sleep was going to make anything better either.

And so I started to knit. Two rows later I was feeling so much more calm and so much more centered and it felt like all of my troubles were falling away. I've only ever known that to happen in one other scenario (that thankfully used to recurr quite often) involving a boy. I was just amazed. Here I was, knitting this project I hated, with this yarn that I hated (Cascade Quattro), and I was feeling calmer than if anything at all had happened during the day.

Part of me wonders why this is, and the other part of me says, "Shhhhh! Just accept it and be happy that it works!"

So that's what I'm doing right now.


MUD said...

Jenn, sorry you had a bad day, but I had to second your opinion of knitting as calming. Every time I am totally stressed out, p'd off, whatever, all I have to do is sit down for 15 minutes and knit, and it all melts away.

See you tomorrow! Sheep and Wool, yay!


Julie said...

Knitting is better than yoga that way, isn't it? I like to think of it as crafty meditation.

Hope today is better for you!

PassionKNITly said...

I've never done yoga, but I have done Tai Chi and I would say that the effects are similar, except that it takes much less time to get the same results with knitting than it does from tai chi.

Today is much better (and dryer!) thank you!

Sheep and Wool! Sheep and Wool!!
I'm doing a rain rain go away dance so the sheep won't felt!

Katy said...

Jenn, haven't you learned by now that knitting makes everything better??
I hope the waterlogged ceiling thing gets fixed.
See you at S&W!