Saturday, October 08, 2005

This Week

A few HTML changes and a few FOs later, and here I am in blogland.

HTML nastiness first...I still can't figure out what's going on with the sidebar in IE. I expanded the size of the editable space, which is what blogger told me to do. I shortened the links, I changed the size of the picture in the first post, I did everything I could think of...and now I've passed it on to a friend who might be able to help. I really hate how all the blog templates I looked at are centered in the middle and cover only about half of the pixels that it could. I hate wasting space.

The SURPRISE is complete...but pictures are going to have to wait until the SURPRISE is given away since I know she's reading this... Only thing is that I feel it requisite that I get some labels. I can't just let this part without leaving my mark on it. Which is odd since the whole object is me making my mark, but I've been working on this since May, and I can't just let it go down to live in Washington without sticking my name on it somewhere!!! I found the labels that I want to get online, but I felt too awkward at work to call them in while I was doing nothing on Friday, and actually ended up having lunch with a co-worker and couldn't really say "hold on, I need to get these labels right quick."

So besides the surprise that will travel with me down to Washington DC in a few weeks, I've still been working on the ruffle scarf. It's coming out quite well, but I think I've decided to make it much shorter than is described in the book. I think it's going to be an object I keep around the office until I stick a jiffy over the vent right in front of my cube to cover it. It gets REALLY cold there - so cold that my ears begin to hurt sometimes. But the ruffle scarf should be able to keep a bit of that at bay, especially since it's being knit out of Lamb's Pride Bulky...which is a pretty warm yarn.

I all but give up on the hat for my cousin. It's the newsboy hat from Stitchn' Bitch Nation. But my cousin picked out some Cascade Quattro to do it in....and the gauge is SO different. I thought I had accounted for it. I added another cable section in, but now I'm at the point where it's not quite adding up to what I want it to as I'm decreasing. I've put it aside because I hate it - it frustrates me more than the layout of this blog...but she keeps asking for it. She wants it by thanksgiving, and yes, I should actually stick to that deadline.

This post honestly wouldn't look so long if the width could be wider...

Yesterday I went to The Point in the West Village (a couple of blocks away from where I work!) to help seam together the 5"x5" squares that people dropped off. We were seaming together blankets to send to hospitals in Louisiana for babies. It was nifty. I felt like I contributed to some greater cause, and I learned how to make my seams seem not so seamy. :-p My seams actually came out quite well. I'm proud of the oblong blanket that I'm sure you'll see once the point puts their photos up on the site. Even if I did manage to screw up the elaborate design that John had for it! It's more of a blanket to wrap the child up in than anything else I think. I'm sure that some kid will love it. And now, to reward you for reading this far....a picture of the blanket that Jewel stitched together last night..I think we all had a huge amount of fun. The people at The Point are really great, and I suggest that if you're ever in the city, you go check them out...they're on Bedford between Downing and Carmine...but you can find all that on their site, which I've conveniently placed on the link list in the sidebar if you can read it :(

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