Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dreaming about knitting?

So, I realize that I've been posting a lot over the weekend (I still haven't figured out that sleeve problem), but this is too good not to post!

I dreamed this morning that I was working on a pair of embossed leaves socks in a self striping yarn. They were coming out ok, except that they were a bit too long, and I hadn't finished them yet. I was about to just rip back a few rows to shape and close the toe again, when I remembered that in order to do that, I'd have to tweak the leaf pattern on the actual sock. Then I started looking at the leaf pattern, but I had to look really hard because the color of the yarn for the whole top of the sock was a really dark color and I couldn't actually see it. Then I was worried that I had knitted the leaf pattern all the way around, when the leaf pattern really is only supposed to be on the top of the sock. I turned it over and found that while I hadn't done the pattern on the bottom, it was a much lighter color. Apperently, this self striping sock striped on the top and the bottom differently. I got upset and was about to frog them completely when I woke up.


Emily said...

I'm so glad that it's not just me! I was dreaming about fair isle night before last and kept waking up because I found mistakes. Good luck with your sleeve issues - tweaking is exasperating.

Jessica said...

Isn't it weird when you dream about knitting? I dream about buying yarn a LOT. Bring the sleeves tomorrow, you can get a group consensus on how to proceed!

Beta said...

Woo hoo! knitting dreams. I haven't had one in awhile. But that's ok because they usually are pretty tense and involve me making many mistakes.
I finished both mittens last week and go to wear them over the weekend! Now I'm finishing up on mitten #3 so I can replace mitten #1 which isn't really the right size.

MUD said...

Speaking of mittens, I was talking about thrumming with Red (aka "the guru" but I'm not going to call her that for a while b/c she will get a big head) over the weekend. I think I want to try it!

PassionKNITly said...

Thrumming? Please enlighten us Mud!

Betarunner, TENSE knitting dreams? Usually when I remember my dreams it means that I'm anxious about something involved in the dream. I think I'm anxious about doing the socks becaue I had to rip back like four rows and I don't have any idea where I am in the pattern.

Jess, I think I finished the sleeves ok, but I don't think it's the right size anymore! I'll have sweater gurus like yourself check them out.

Emily, I'm glad I'm not the only one as well!!!