Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So this cute boy decides to sit next to me on the train. He asked me what i was knitting. I showed him, and we discussed our frustrtations with patterns published by Rowan after he disclosed that he knit a Rowan sweater himself. He asks to borrow my pen to outline a script for his audition.

Here's the kicker:

I never even asked for his number.
I fuckin blew it so hardcore. (sorry for the swearing, but I rarely sweare as little as I do on this blog)

So, i've got a craigslist post out there, but damn, I'm so stupid!


Melissa said...

awe man! and a lover of Rowan to boot!

back to the gauge prob (possibly) on your sweater. did you check the measurements to see if your body is the right length? your length should probably be ok as long as you followed the measurements given. the problem comes in when the sleeve cap is given by row and not measurement.

for example: your row gauge should be 4.5 per inch

on the armhole it says to knit until it measures 20cm - which should be 36 rows. now let's say your row gauge was a little off - 5 rows per inch. after doing the same 20cm you would have 40 rows instead of the correct 36.

on the sleeve cap, (if i counted right) you should have 28 rows, which according to the pattern, should equal about 6 inches. if your row gauge was 5 per inch, you would only have 5 1/2 inches in those same 28 rows.

so because your sleeve cap is way short, and your armholes are way big - i'm pretty sure this is the problem. to fix it, you can rip back the sleeve cap and just add a few more rows until you measure 6". that should fix your problem. check your armholes also - make sure they measure the correct length. and i should also mention that i took the small size on the pattern to figure out those measurements - that's pretty important too!

hope that helps!

Katy said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you!
I hope the sleeves work out, too.

Cupcake said...

That's a bummer. Did you get his name? I know of two knitting dudes in Park Slope (one is gay) and know how to contact them.

Do you have business cards? I always carry them and if you don't want to ask aguy for his number, you can always give him a card and tell him to email you. It sounds a little more casual.

As a friend said this weekend at Brunch, "Always carry your business cards and a lipstick". It's like when your mom told you to wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus. You never know.

Emily said...

Tragedy! But if he knits, he has to get his yarn somewhere...

PassionKNITly said...

Melissa: I'll try that, it looks kinda helpful...maybe i'll re-knit just the top of the sleeve, and then i wouldn't be wasting so much time...but if the row gauge is off, that's goign to be a bigger problem than just the sleeve right?
Cupcake: Unfortunately he doesn't live in park slope, he was just going there for an audition. I hope he gets it so i can run into him again! I have business cards, but I feel hoity toity when i give them out in occasions like that. I could have written his number on my stupid hand.
Emily: Oh wise one...yes, he must buy yarn somewhere...this obviously means that I must keep vigil at the point more rigorously. I will start tonight. :)

Jessica said...

Did you mention your blog or anything he can find you with? Geez, a cute boy AND a knitter. And he seemed straight, I take it? That's one in a million. Go loiter outside the theater!