Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A walk in the park

I went for a walk today (not through the park, but rather towards the bank) during lunch. As I walked, I listened to the newest episode of Cast-On. There were points where I was smiling, and then there were points where I was just laughing outright because she's just that funny! I haven't finished it yet, hopefully I will during lunch tomorrow (mostly because I feel weird listening to my ipod through my headphones and the spot i stopped is saved on that device).

On to the Olympic Knitting progress! I actually got to see a bit of the olympics this weekend because I was at my parents' and they have cable (I continue to believe I'm just fine without it, but NBC is the only network station that doesn't actually have reception here for some reason). I felt more connected to the Olympic movement because of that, and it has fueled my spirit! Despite the fact that my sleeves might be too short or not wide enough to be sewn together to the acutal piece, or even that my apartment is not blocking worthy, I still think I might just make it.

I have the back, a sleeve, and about a quarter of the front done already. I think there are only 4 or 5 days to go (right?). I'm kinda starting to feel the pressure because I've got a lot going on, and I read on the bus home yesterday instead of knitting (Memoirs of a Geisha, in case anyone's wondering). I can be so stupid.

Here are some WIP shots:

This is the progress I'd had done after yesterday. I didn't take a shot of what's OTN right now. Just imagine the bottom part of the back side of that sweater again.

This could be a problem. It doesn't quite look like this is going to work. I'm worried that this sleeve will be too small. I'm hoping that between the blocking and the stretching of the rib that it'll be ok, but i'm not really expecting that it will fit. Good thing I think I got extra yarn. I might be able to knit a completely new sleeve...but we'll see what happens. I need to knit more....must knit! NEED TO KNIT!!!


Beta said...

Ah! I was JUST going to talk to you about cast-on. I finally got w/ the program and downloaded some podcasts to our non-ipod mp3 player. So far i've listened to Green and Bitch & Bitch from Cast-on as well as Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and Story of the Day from NPR. I'm loving it...except there's something wonky w/ the volume on all the shows - probably cuz i'm using a different kind of player. Did you hear the Presidential Succession song? Brenda's funny.

And I think it DOES look like your back and sleeve will seam together fine. At least that photo makes it seem like they will.

Why were you home btw?

Melissa said...

oh the pressure! you just might make it, but displine is key. you just might be able to stretch out the sleeve to fit. was your row gauge correct? sometimes when you substitute yarn, because the armhole on the body goes by measurements, not rows and the sleeve cap goes by rows, that creates a problem sometimes.

Beta said...

Whoa, I take it back. That sleeve does look to short for the back. eek.