Saturday, February 04, 2006

O Gloves

Looks like we had a bit of a rough patch there yesterday. Oh well. I finally finished the O Gloves. I'm in the midst of writing up the pattern as we speak. It's mostly written, but I need to fit it to the template that Wiley's using. The book should be out in September. I'll let you know the title as soon as I know it (I'll probably try to put a link up on the sidebar too!

I still haven't quite gotten the coins for the hipscarf yet...i'll bet they arrive right after the olympics start. Oh well. At least that'll be a planned recovery project. I started swatching for Angie last night. I think i finally got gauge on size 10 needles. I'm really nervous about what this yarn is going to do to the fabric though. I hadn't thought twice about getting a wool alpaca blend until now. The original sweater was done in Rowan Tape, and I can't help thinking now that that's goign to stretch a great deal more than the yarn i bought for the sweater. I guess it doesn't matter. if it's radically smaller than I am, I can give it to my cousin, who might fit into it, but I'd still really like to wear it. I guess the problem now is learning how to read the pattern so that I can figure out what size to read. This is all training related, right?

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Beta said...

I don't know if I've told you directly yet, but I'm so proud of you over the O Gloves and getting published. :) I feel like I'll soon be able to point to your design in the book and tell my friends that I knew you when...