Tuesday, February 07, 2006

WIP photos!!!


I'm almost done writing the pattern for the Opera Gloves I was working on. I need to update the status bar on the side. They're totally finished and I'm wicked excited about them. Everyone says that they're great, so that's really encouraging!

Somethign really random happened today. I was walking around my office like i'm wont to do, and one of my friends in Subsidiary Rights plopped a book in my hand. He knows I knit a lot, and I've been looking at some stuff for the knitting book that we're putting out in Fall 06. He plopped the book to the right into my hands. I love the paper that it's printed on, it's a beautiful hardcover book, and it looks like the stories in it are going to be great to read! Right now I'm reading Yarn Harlot: Confessions of a Knitter before bed. Knitting Lessons is going to be the next bedtime read I think.

I got the coins in for the hip scarf but I don't think I'll have time to start it before the Knitting Olympics. I'm trying to decide if I want to start it from the hypotenuse or the point. If I start by the hypotenuse, it would be easier to figure out how many coins I'm going to need. Also, if I run out of coins, then it won't be as bad cause I can fudge a pattern out of the ones connected to the bottom. I have to figure out how to connect them. I'm thinking of using a loop stitch and adding jump rings (so the metal on the coin doesn't cut the yarn itself).

Why can't I start the hip scarf before the olympics? I started the Embossed Leaves Socks this weekend. Here are some status pics.

The yarn I'm using is Artyarns' Ultramerino 4. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to hand wash these suckers, but I think it's ok. The yarn itself is really soft, and my only gripe is that it isn't wound tight enough to keep it from splitting. It's wound similarly to Karabella's yarns (like aurora 4, 8 and bulky). I'm also trying magic loop on these socks. I've never used magic loop before, so it's interesting. I'm not sure I like the slack in between the needles. On the next sock I think i'll use two circulars.

Here's the detail of how the pattern's knitting up. It's going pretty quickly, and it's pretty fun too! The only socks I've done thus far have been exclusively stockinette, so I'm excited at the change in pace. I don't think these look too overtly girly though. I think I'll actually wear them I guess is what I mean by that. The cast on is a combination of long tail cast on, and some sort of reverse long tail cast on that gives you a ribbed thingamagigie. I think i did it backwards, but that's ok. You're supposed to start knitting ribbing for two rows straight before you join. I find this weird, but alright. I'm slightly nervous that these are going to be a bit too big, but whatever. If they are, maybe I'll give them to my mom and tell her that they're made of cotton instead of the wool that she's "allergic" to.

What a yarn snob! Look at the way his nose is pointed in the air!! No, the bear doesn't have a name. But you can name it if you like (said name must be approved). Obviously the bear is a master knitter. you can tell by the way he expertly holds those needles. I think this is officially the mascot of my blog actually. From now on. So, you folks should definately name him. Yes, it's male. He's very in touch with his masculinity. I'm a picky namer too (hence why he doesn't already have a name, though he was briefly called "Capoiera Bear" for a while - we're not discussing that though).

My knitting olympics project should be ok. I was worried about the stretcyness of the material, but I think it'll be alright. I still need to really get gauge. I went from 10 sts to 10cms on 11s to 12 stitches per 10cms on 10s and I need 13.5 stitches for 10cms. The next step is 8s. This might knit up quicker than expected. One of my Stitch 'n Bitch friends is having a Torch Lighting/Start Knitting party. I'm pretty excited about this...I hope I can do it!


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